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Board Breaking

A little about the Board Breaking Event



Board breaking is absolutely nothing to do with breaking a board, having big muscles or being tough. Many a beefy guy has stepped up and been unable to break the board compared to the ease, precision and beliefs of a petite person who shattered their board in three pieces!



It represents a block of limiting beliefs that are disempowering and stopping you from achieving your dreams.



Value of Board Breaking



Do you want to learn how to direct the body through the mind?


Do you want to remove the blocks?


Do you want to achieve your dreams?



Board Breaking Event


Breaking through limiting beliefs


Releasing your energy


Creating new empowering beliefs


The "BOARD" breaking their boards!

If you want to feel free and empowered to create your own destiny.


This is for you!

“The Board” after

breaking their boards!


The "BOARD" breaking their boards!