Fire Walking to Inspire, Life Changing positive personal changes using the Fire Walk
“You’ll never know just how far a change will go”

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The Fire Walk

A Life-Changing challenge for the participant and spectators.


The Fire Walk is an incredible tool used across the ages as an action to signify change and break through.


Welcome to Fire Walking to Inspire



Feel the Power when You ...







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Glass Walking

Fire Walking

Board Breaking

Arrow Breaking





Mind Body Connection



Trusting Yourself








What happens after you take the first step?

Breaking through limiting beliefs


Releasing your energy


Healing and purifying your path forwards

Charitable organisations have the added benefit of raising money on many levels.


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Fire Walking.
Glass Walking.
Arrow Breaking.
Board Breaking.

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Tune into your
Belief System



Tap into your

True Potential



Turn on your

Personal Power

Fire Walking to Inspire is Fire Walking at its Best!


Using advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Techniques and Skills to help you to:


-   Make a full Mind / Body connection.


-   Make Massive Changes that LAST!


-   Make, Create and Enjoy Life the way YOU WANT!

Are you ready to make positive personal changes in your life?


FIRE WALKING TO INSPIRE can take you there.